Use of higher taxonomic groups = use species?

Sammy De Grave sammy.degrave at UNIVERSITY-MUSEUM.OXFORD.AC.UK
Thu Nov 16 13:16:12 CST 2000

In marine ecology, especially pollution studies, higher taxonomic
categories have been successfully used and are, in many instances, as
robust an analysis as a full species level analysis, but without the length
of time needed to identify everything.

See the following for examples:

Warwick, R.M. 1988a Analysis of community attributes of the macrobenthos of
Frierfjord/Langesundfjord at taxonomic levels higher than species. Mar.
Ecol.Progres. Ser., 46: 167-170.
Warwick, R.M. 1988b The level of taxonomic discrimination required to
detect pollution effects on marine benthic communities. Mar. Pollut.Bull.,
19: 159-168.
De Grave, S. & A. Whitaker 1999. Benthic community re-adjustment following
dredging of a muddy-maerl matrix. mar.Poll.Bull., 38: 102-108.
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