"cutting edge taxonomy"

Urmas Koljalg urmas at ZBI.EE
Thu Nov 16 16:08:04 CST 2000

Maybe molecular key-books for the identification of microorganisms
(bacteria, protists, fungi) from soil, water, clinical, etc. samples?

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on 11/16/00 2:29 PM, Thomas Schlemmermeyer at termites at USP.BR wrote:

> In several previous threads I tried to express my preoccupation about how
> difficult it is to get a taxonomist, in this thread I will refine the
> criterium:
> Is it possible to make "cutting edge taxonomy" ?
> I think in science they speak of "cutting edge science" if it is science that
> really provides new break-throughs and new, substantial insights.
> In some countries such as Germany there are still many scientists who say that
> taxonomy is not science. On the other hand, if taxonomy is science, one of its
> characteristics must be the existence of such a "cutting edge taxonomy".
> Where can I find it?

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