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At 07:44 PM 11/15/00 -0800, Curtis Clark wrote:

>IMO there are only two legitimate positions: (1) Species are not actual
>units of nature, and so species concepts are hollow rhetoric and speciation
>is not a real process; (2) Species are units of nature that originate
>through a process or processes that we call speciation, and we can
>formulate testable hypotheses that help us to understand both the
>processes and their products.

I favor the latter, while muttering sotto voce that populations are even
more "important" units of nature that, etc. etc.  The degree to which
species are "real" is merely a reflection of the fact that they are
aggregations of populations, which are even "more real."  At the same time,
I realize that the concept of population gets hazy sometimes, and that
maybe the only "real reality" is the individual.  But then I start to think
about genets and ramets, and different life forms, and what IS an
individual ...

And THEN I say to hell with it all, and just get back to work and DO taxonomy.

Seriously, I think there is something to Ernst Mayr's idea that the BSC
only has to operate locally.  As long as A & B are reproductively isolated
where they are sympatric, it doesn't matter if A outside the area of
sympatry is reproductively isolated from B.  Allopatry is a very effective
means of reproductive isolation; why worry about internal measures if
you're not sympatric?

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