Woody invaders in their native habitat

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I am forwarding this for a colleague, Saara DeWalt.  Please respond to her
directly at sdewalt at unix1.sncc.lsu.edu
Thank you
Susan Pell

I am looking for information (anecdotal or referenced) about the habitat
distribution of some woody species in their NATIVE habitat (See list
  Any help you can give would be much appreciated!

These species are the woody invaders of tropical forests cited by Rejmanek.
In the list that follows this message, the species are grouped by the
continent to which they are putatively native.

I welcome any information anyone can give me about the light conditions
where they have seen these species.  Specifically, I am trying to find out
whether each species mainly occurs in high or low light conditions where
native .  Are they shade tolerant or intolerant?

Please e-mail me directly.

Saara DeWalt

sdewalt at unix1.sncc.lsu.edu
Department of Biological Sciences
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803


Cryptostegia grandiflora (Asclepiadaceae)
Dioscorea sansibarensis (Dioscoreaceae)
Maesopsis eminii (Rhamnaceae)
Milletia dura (Fabaceae)
Myrica faya (Myricaceae)  Found on the Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands
Spathodea campanulata (Bignoniaceae)


Albizia chinensis (Leguminosae)
Ardisia crenata (Myrsinaceae)
Ardisia humilis (Myrsinaceae)
Cinnamommum zeylanicaum (Lauraceae)
Dioscrea alata (Dioscoreaceae)
Dioscorea bulbifera L. var. antropophagorum (Dioscoreaceae)
Ficus altissima (Moraceae)
Hovenia dulcis (Rhamnaceae)
Ligustrum robustum (Oleaceae)
Ligustrum lucidum (Oleaceae)
Litsea glutinosa (Lauraceae)
Melastoma candidum (Melastomataceae)
Medinilla venosa (Melastomataceae)
Rubus alceifolius (Rosaceae)
Rubus ellipticus (Rosaceae)
Syzgium (Eugenia) malaccensis (Myrtaceae)
Thunbergia grandiflora (Acanthaceae)
Wikstroemia indica (Thymelaeaceae)

North or South America

Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Leguminosae)
Clidemia hirta (Melastomataceae)
Chrysophyllum cainito (Sapotaceae)
Duranta erecta (Verbenaceae)
Fuchsia arborescens (Onagraceae)
Hura crepitans (Euphorbiaceae)
Miconia calvescens (Melastomataceae)
Ossaea marginata (Melastomataceae)
Passiflora edulis (Passifloraceae)
Passiflora molissima (Passifloraceae)
Psidium cattleianum (Myrtaceae)
Psidium guajava (Myrtaceae)
Roystonea oleracea (Arecaceae)
Syzgium (Eugenia) jambos (Myrtaceae)
Tetrazygia bicolor (Melastomataceae)


Cyathea cooperi (Cyatheaceae)
Pittosporum undulatum (Pittosporaceae)

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