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      It was mentioned that the dicot _Claytonia virginica_ usually has only
one cotyledon, but I don't recall anyone mentioning a monocot with two
cotyledons.  If so, I must have deleted that posting as well.  However,
there are a few monocots with dicot type leaf venation and/or flower parts
in fours or fives (rather than threes).
      But the vast majority of species of angiosperms are clearly one or the
other, and I think someone said the rare exceptions are usually exotic
tropical plants.  Mother Nature will occasionally throw us an extant
transitional form, since synapomorphies don't evolve simultaneously.  If any
of the exceptions are reversals or convergences, I would think examining
several characteristics would make it quickly apparent (transitionals might
be a little trickier, but most of them are usually extinct).
                       -------Ken Kinman
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>Yes, I would like to know this as well. How did it come? The number of
>cotyledons do not constitute a reliable character or are there
>On (         Sat, 18 Nov 2000 11:21:09 +0300),         Gwali Sam
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> >
> >Dear taxacomers,
> >
> >I am requesting someone out there to send me the name of the
> >plant of the class Monocotyledonae that possesses two
> >cotyledons. This was mentioned in the recently concluded threads
> >about phylocode and taxa. I somehow deleted that particular
> >posting.
> >
> >I will be sincerely grateful.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Samson Gwali
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