Cotyledon number request

Ashley Nicholas ashley at PIXIE.UDW.AC.ZA
Tue Nov 21 09:59:52 CST 2000

I did not follow the original debate mentioned in the email below but maybe
the following will be of interest? Cronquist in his 1981 "An Integrated
System of Classification of Flowering Plants" says the following under the
family Araceae (see page 1098): "embryo rather large, monocotyledonous or
sometimes with a vestigial second cotyledon opposite the principal one,.." I
have no reason whatsoever to believe Cronquist to be wrong but I cannot
personally confirm what he says either. Perhaps there are others out there
that are more familiar with the Araceae and who can confirm or refute this?
I have been unable to find mention of this second vestigial cotyledon in
other Araceae family descriptions I have to hand.

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> I am requesting someone out there to send me the name of the
> plant of the class Monocotyledonae that possesses two
> cotyledons. This was mentioned in the recently concluded threads
> about phylocode and taxa. I somehow deleted that particular
> posting.
> I will be sincerely grateful.
> Thanks,
> Samson Gwali

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