Cotyledon number request

veldkamp Veldkamp at NHN.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Tue Nov 21 15:00:30 CST 2000

In the footnotes to couplet 16 of Thonner's analytical key to the families
of flowering plants (Geesinkl et al, 1981) we noted a single cotyledon in
some Portulacaceae (Claytonia), Gesneriaceae (Monophyllaea), Primulaceae
(Cyclamen), Cruciferae (Dentaria), Ranunculaceae (Ficaria), Papaveraceae
(Corydalis), 3 or 4 in Degeneriaceae, Calycanthaceae (Ideospermum),
Opiliaceae, and none in seedlings of the Barringtonia-, Garcinia-, and
Orobanche-type (see De Vogel, Seedlings of dicotyledons, 1979).

Thonner's key can now also be consulted on the web:

and ordered at zoelen at (about NGL 25.00 excl. handling)


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