Monocotylar dicotyledons

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There are also some Umbelliferae (= Apiaceae) with one cotyledon, including
Geocaryum, Bunium, Conopodium, Scaligeria and Erigenia. Lennart Engstrand
in his thesis "Biosystematics in  Geocaryum Cosson (Umbelliferae)" [Lund,
1977] reports these as being pseudomonocotyledonous and that this
phenomenon is also found in other families such as the Ranunculaceae,
Papaveraceae, Primulaceae, Portulacaceae, Celastraceae and Asteraceae (A.
Wisse, 1930. Blattstellungsstudien an Saemlingen abnorm keimender
Dikotylen. Beitr. Biol. Pfl. 18: 17--80). Engstrand suggests that the "most
probable theory is that the second cotyledon becomes totally reduced, which
is supported by anatomical features".
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