species/subspecies query

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Wed Nov 22 23:55:36 CST 2000

Steve Shattuck wrote:
> And then there are a few brave/crazy souls who believe "species" don't
> really exist in nature at all and that the real unit is closer to the
> population.  After all, species aren't panmictic as we often like to pretend
> but are actually highly structured with individuals, not collections of
> individuals, being the force that drives evolution.  Unfortunately this view
> leads to all sorts of problems for both practical and theoretical
> applications/discussions and does little to clarify the situation.

Beware! This is from a guy who works on ants - taxa where the individual
is a meaningless little black gizmo that crawls around and the colony is
'the real thing'...  :)


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