On line specimen images

Margaret R. Bolick mbolick at UNLSERVE.UNL.EDU
Wed Nov 22 09:00:11 CST 2000

I'd like to get the community's opinions on the utility of specimen
images associated with on line databases.  In particular, I'd like to
know if:

1.  Are there cases in which viewing an on line image would eliminate
the need for borrowing the material?  Are the resolution and
magnification of current images on line adequate?
2.  How useful are images of types?  Is the resolution of the images
provided by sites that currently offer photos of type specimens
adequate?  Is the ability to zoom in on parts critical for
identification (such as the floral parts in angiosperms) needed?
3.  The equipment to produce high resolution specimen images is
relatively expensive and the process, when it includes multiple views
such as enlargements of parts critical for identification, is time
consuming.  As a community, what priority should we give production of
on-line specimen images?

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