Ants: Standard Methods for Measuring and Monitoring Biodiversity

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Ants: Standard Methods for Measuring and Monitoring Biodiversity
Agosti, D., Majer, J., Alonso, E. and Schultz, T.R. (Editors.)

Biological Diversity Handbook Series. Smithsonian
Institution Press. Washington D.C., November 2000

ISBN 1-56098-858-4 (Hardcover (cloth)), US$60.00;
ISBN 1-56098-858-4 (Paperback), US$26.95

Numbering more than nine thousand described species, ants rank among
the most abundant and widespread of insect groupsthe collective weight
of ants in tropical forests and grasslands may constitute as much as 10
to 15 percent of the animal biomass. Written by thirty leading ant
biologists, this comprehensive book describes procedures for surveying
the diversity of ground-dwelling ants. It introduces a standardized
protocol for collecting ant samples in any part of the world and for
conducting repeated sampling over time, which enables researchers to
analyze global and long-term patterns.  Covering aspects of ant ecology
and taxonomy, species identification, specimen preparation, and sources
of sampling equipment, this book provides the necessary foundation for
readers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Additional description of the book, and complementary information on
ground-living ants is available on,
and on respectively.
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