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     The largest concentration of deaths from the Bubonic Plague or Black
Death was in Europe from 1347-1352 (about 20-25 million deaths, roughly a
third of the population), preceded by perhaps 30 million deaths in Asia in
the decade leading up to the European outbreak.
     Trying to estimate a death toll for the entire Middle Ages would be
very difficult, but I've seen an estimate of about 140 million (not sure if
that is just for Europe or worldwide).  Of course, it would depend on how
you define "Middle Ages", and they would be educated "guestimates" at best.
The 50-60 million plague deaths in the middle of 14th Century was clearly
the worst of it.
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>Check out the "University of Florida Insect Book of Records"
>Can't help with the last two questions though.
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> > Dear Friends,
> > I am interested in interesting details about insects: the smallest, the
> > biggest, the fastest, the most poisonous,
> > the best jumper, swimmer and so on... This topic is interesting for me
>to know
> > and I need it  for my insect exhibition especially.
> > Do you know how many people died of plague transferred by flea in Middle
> > or how many dollars are spent per year against pests to protect plants?
> >
> > Thanks in advance!
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