Submit your name if you like to the World Taxonomist Database

Vr. Richard Bejsak-Collorado-Mansfeld ricardo at ANS.COM.AU
Sat Nov 25 10:09:41 CST 2000

We created link from in section <coleoptera bibliography>
to the ETI - World Taxonomist Database

please submit your details if possible to this database..

Ever been looking for a colleague's address for a quick reference on
his/her latest publication? Or wanted to send an announcement to a group of
specialists to inform them about a special workshop or symposium? In the
end you will find your way, but sometimes it is hard to trace a fellow
taxonomist. For users of taxonomic expertise it is nearly impossible to
find a specialist. Wouldn't it be nice to have a central point on internet,
where you could find basic information about your colleagues? To find out
example what specialists work on portunid crabs and/or focus their
biogeographic work on Malaysia?

A continuously updated online directory is badly needed. With the World
Taxonomist Database, ETI (Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification at
the University of Amsterdam) offers you an online taxonomists directory
The WTD initiative was endorsed at a European GTI meeting in Amsterdam.
Recent estimates indicate that there are presently some 5000 experienced
taxonomists in the world. So far about 20% of the taxonomists have
registered, but we depend on your cooperation to make it really work.
Please register and notify your colleagues of this service. If all
participate, there will be a wonderful updated taxonomist directory.

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