cotyledon number request

Finn N. Rasmussen FINNR at BOT.KU.DK
Mon Nov 27 09:29:59 CST 2000

Una Smith wrote:

        According to Watson and Dallwitz's "Families of Flowering Plants"
        (, of 473 dicot families
        112 are coded unknown, 14 are coded inapplicable, and 347 are
        coded for cotyledon number.
<dicot table deleted>
         Of 109 monocot families, 28 are unknown, 11 are inappliable, and
        70 are coded for cotyledon number:

         cotyledons      families
                1               69
                2               3

        Note that a family can have more than one number of cotyledons.

It seems to have escaped Watson and Dallwitz that in the largest monocot
family (Orchidaceae, about 1/3 of the monocots) there are no cotyledons at

Finn N Rasmussen, Copenhagen.

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