Seasonal Biologist Jobs at Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP

Julie Evens julie_evens at NPS.GOV
Thu Nov 30 12:25:00 CST 2000

Staff biologists at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are currently
recruiting up to 34 temporary biological technicians for the 2001 field
season. Openings are anticipated in a variety of program areas, including
air and water quality monitoring, cave management, wildlife management,
fire effects monitoring, fire history studies, ecological restoration,
exotic species control, vegetation sampling and description, botanical
surveys, and forest ecology. All of the positions provide an opportunity to
work in a nationally recognized science and natural resource program
located in a premier unit of the National Park Service. These are temporary
positions ranging from 3 to 6 months in duration and are at the GS-5 and GS-
6 levels.

Interested applicants can access the complete vacancy announcement (number
SEKI-00-46ET) at the USAJOBS website at the following address:
Applications must be postmarked by December 15, 2000. As noted in the
announcement, you must indicate the types of positions for which you wish
to be considered by listing the job titles that you are interested in on
your application; a list of titles is provided in the announcement. All
applicants are encouraged to apply for the ‘General’ category along with
any specialties for which they qualify.

For general information regarding the application process, contact the
Sequoia and Kings Canyon human resource office at (559)-565-3752.  For
information regarding specific positions, you may contact the following

Air quality: Annie Esperanza, Air Quality Specialist:
Annie_M._Esperanza at

Wildlife, cave management:
Harold Werner, Wildlife Biologist:  Harold_W._Werner at
Rachel Mazur, Wildlife Biologist:  Rachel_Mazur at

Plant Ecology:
Fire effects monitoring:
MaryBeth Keifer, Plant Ecologist:  MaryBeth_Keifer at

Meadow monitoring, botanical inventory:
Sylvia Haultain, Plant Ecologist:  Sylvia_Haultain at

Vegetation sampling and mapping:
Julie Evens, Biological Technician:  Julie_Evens at

Fire history:
Tony Caprio, Fire Ecologist:  Tony_Caprio at

Vegetation Management:
Restoration, exotic plant survey and control, and forestry related
Tom Warner, Forester:  Tom_E._Warner at
Richard Thiel, Biological Technician:  Richard_Thiel at

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