John R. Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Thu Apr 26 10:48:39 CDT 2001

If it does not represent a misuse of TAXACOM I have listed the contents of
the latest issue of Biogeographica since it appears that this journal may
be less well-known, at least in some circles, yet the articles may be of
interest to some subscribers. I will also list future issues.

76 (4) 2000

Zanella, FCV, Olivera ML, Gaglianone MC. Standardizing lists of locality
data for examined specimens in systematics and biogeography studies of new
world taxa. 145-160.

Nourira S, Blanc CP. Interest of lacerdids (Sauria, Reptilia) for
zoogeographical delimitations in Tunisia. 161-172.

Garcia ML, Menni, RC, Jaureguizar, AJ. Torpedo puelcha (Condrichthyues,
Torpedinoidea), an endemic species from the Argentinean zoogeographic
province. 173-178.

Alves dos Santos I. Ancyloscelis gigas Friese (Emphorini, Apoidea) in
Southeast Brazil, and the importance of aquatic plants to bee diversity.

Lourenco, WR. Aspects of the ecology of some savannicolous Brazilian
scorpions. 185-192.

John Grehan

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