Latin Lurker

Ron at Ron at
Thu Apr 5 00:53:47 CDT 2001

OK. I see my test message made it so I am now subscribed. Since I have not
yet started lurking, I wonder why it is that the progressive, wave of the
future, phylocode is stuck back in the Roman Empire days and persists in
using Latin? Can't we move on to at least Chinese? That's old too. Classis
Manchurian. Sounds good to me - and everyone in China. I mean, I know as
much about Chinese as I do Latin - nothing. At least Chinese is one ancient
language that still has a country that speaks it. Can I see your Latin
passport, sir? Do what?

OK. Time to lurk. I have been on this bull board (oops - bulletin board)
for 10 minutes and the only messages I have received are mine. I will not
talk to myself, I will not talk to myself, I will not talk to myself...

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