Latin Lurker

Carmine Colacino colacino at UNIBAS.IT
Thu Apr 5 10:15:20 CDT 2001

Chinese might be fine with me. Even though I do not think it will be easier
to grasp than Latin is for any people speaking an Indo-european language (as
most of us in this list), but why not?
Provided you do not actually mean to use English instead, but did not dare
to say it :-)

Latin is used not for its easiness to grasp (or lack of it), nor because of
an arbitrary decision taken by somebody, but because of historical reasons.

A proposal to use a different language should at least, IMHO, give the users
some advantage, do you think Chinese will?

C. Colacino

'o 5.04.2001 06:53, Ron Gatrelle a gatrelle at TILS-TTR.ORG scrivette:

> OK. I see my test message made it so I am now subscribed. Since I have not
> yet started lurking, I wonder why it is that the progressive, wave of the
> future, phylocode is stuck back in the Roman Empire days and persists in
> using Latin? Can't we move on to at least Chinese? That's old too. Classis
> Manchurian. Sounds good to me - and everyone in China. I mean, I know as
> much about Chinese as I do Latin - nothing. At least Chinese is one ancient
> language that still has a country that speaks it. Can I see your Latin
> passport, sir? Do what?
> OK. Time to lurk. I have been on this bull board (oops - bulletin board)
> for 10 minutes and the only messages I have received are mine. I will not
> talk to myself, I will not talk to myself, I will not talk to myself...

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