Bioinventory programs/initiatives?

Janovec, John jjanovec at NYBG.ORG
Thu Apr 5 09:08:51 CDT 2001

To Taxacom members:

As part of a short message to Taxacom, someone recently (one month ago?)
listed acronymns and/or full names for various big money biodiversity
inventory programs or initiatives that have come and gone during the last
decade or so.  Might it be possible for that person to again list those
programs and/or others? Or, might it be possible for the Taxacom community
to list as many of these programs as possible.  One example would be
Systematics Agenda 2000.  As a graduate student a few years ago, this was
the buzz in courses and the community.  We don't hear much about it anymore.
Has it come and gone?  Also, this is International Biodiversity Observation
Year (IBOY, 2001-2002, Bioscience Feb 2000), another example of a
biodiversity program that has come.

I am trying to put together a list of these types of programs that have come
(and gone).  If you can think of any off the top of your head, perhaps with
one of those catchy names or acronyms, please send it my way or just reply
to Taxacom.

Thank you.

John Janovec
jjanovec at

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