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For those interested in this theme, have a look at:
tm >
and within that site at:
(this talk/ppt presentation has been subsequently updated and revised but
the version
presented here is at least indicative...)


At 12:14 PM 4/6/01 -0400, Michael A. Wall wrote:
>Here is a compiled list of your suggestions for digital gazateers.  All of
>these are handy in their own special way, but I would personally say that
>the ADL Digital Gazateer gives you the most bang for your proverbial buck.
>All except the Global Gazateer have a search function.
>ADL Digital Gazeteer:
>"Global Gazatteer" on the web at:
>Geographic Names Database (GNDB:
> .
>Note: PB found it helpful to disable the javascript function in the
>left-hand frame.
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