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Mon Apr 9 15:14:28 CDT 2001

Dear Mr. Vidhupriya,
In addition to Robin Leech:
I will send you a few drawing of the wings (what programm do you need?). It takes one or two days.
When you have problems with literature send a mail. My data bank contains about 13000 titles. 5500 titles are here. 
I am the Vice-Pesident of the German Society of Orthopterology Have a look at the homepage: www.uni-muenster.de/landschaftsoekologie/ag_bioz/dgfo There you can find a lot of links!
I work with a the grasshopper family of Tetrigidae (Grouse Locusts). It is an old and difficult family found all over the world. Most of the about 1200 species are very small (about 1 - 2 cm). The pronotum is formed as a spine.
My question is: Have anyone material of this group for me to examine and distinguish?
Josef Tumbrinck
Institut for Landscape Ecology
Robert-Koch-Strasse 26
D-48149 Muenster
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Dear all,
I am interested in the systematics of Acridoidea (Orthoptera). But I find
it very difficult to distinguish the nymphs from the adult apterous forms.
Could some one help me in this aspect ?
Systematic Entomology Lab., Dept. of Zoology. University of Calicut,
Kerala- 673635, India

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