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The shamrock is most commonly believed to be Trifolium dubium, though other
species have been proposed by various authors through the years, such as
Trifolium repens, T. pratense, Medicago lupulina, other Medicago spp., and
Oxalis spp.

See the following book for an interesting (and lengthy) summary of the legend:

Nelson, C.  1991.  Shamrock.  Botany and History of an Irish
Myth.  Boethius Press, Aberystwyth, Wales.  ISBN: 0 86314 200 1

Other interesting sources are:

Colgan, N.  1896.  The shamrock in literature: a critical chronology.  J.
Roy. Soc. Antiquaries Ireland  26: 211-226, 349-361.

Everett, T.H.  1971.  Soma facts and fallacies about the shamrock.  Gard.
J.  21: 24-26


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