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Dear Members,

I am a professional environmental interpreter specializing in natural
history travel and nature photography.  I work in association with colleges,
nature centers, and non-profit organizations to develop truly sustainable
eco-travel to national and international natural areas. We believe that
affordable, first-hand experience and education are vital in promoting
environmental awareness and in helping local communities conserve their home
ground. We also realize that many of us involved in environmental education,
advocacy, and science are often the least likely to afford the first-hand
experience with the very environments we care so much about. I have
therefore developed affordable workshops that: 1) foster environmental
(including natural history and cultural) awareness through experiential
learning, and 2) that encourage participants to develop their own
interpretive skills so that they can, in turn, inspire others with their
personal experiences in nature.

Many discussion groups have welcomed my occasional posts which update their
subscribers about my workshop offerings.  My announcements normally appear
in the format shown below and might be entitled "Interpretive Workshops".
If you would prefer not to see these postings, kindly let me know by
replying to this email.  The wishes of your list owner/moderator will, of
course, be respected above all.

Here's what former participants have said about my programs:

"Gustav - thank you for an enjoyable introduction to a truly unique habitat.
The range of experiences, organisms, and trips were wonderful!"

Dr. Wendy Ryan
Dept. of Biology
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Kutztown, PA

"I found Gustav to be a highly principled, educated, knowledgeable, skilled,
entertaining and generous seminar leader.  We now look upon Gustav as a
friend, and would have no reservations in recommending him to you.

Donald Davies
Toronto, ON, Canada


The following workshops are currently open for enrollment.  Faculty are
welcome to consider any of these itineraries as field components for courses
in the appropriate areas.  More detailed workshop/course syllabuses can be
made available upon request.  Please print and post to your colleagues,
students, members, and visitors.  For further information, please visit

The Pigeon Key Subtropical Workshop
November 4 - 9, 2001
Content: Natural history and ecology of the Florida Keys.
Proceed to the itinerary: http://www.gustavwverderber.com/floridakey.html

The South Africa Wildlife Safari
January 6 - 15, 2002
Content: Natural history and wildlife photography of S. Africa.
Proceed to the itinerary: http://www.gustavwverderber.com/africa.html

The Green Mountain Nature Photography Workshop
August 10 - 16, 2001
Content: Techniques in outdoor and nature photography.
Proceed to the itinerary: http://www.gustavwverderber.com/greenmountain.html

The Boreal Coast Tour
July 13 - 16, 2001
Content: Natural history and photography of the Boreal coast of Maine.
Proceed to the itinerary: http://www.gustavwverderber.com/borealcoast.html

The Lake Eden Photo Camp-In
June 1 - 3, 2001
Content: Professional field techniques in close-up nature photography.
Proceed to the itinerary: http://www.gustavwverderber.com/eden.html

Falling Waters Workshop
May 11 - 14, 2001
Content: Landscape photography with emphasis on photographing water.
Proceed to the itinerary: http://www.gustavwverderber.com/fallingwaters.html

Fall Foliage Magical Mystery Tour
September 28 - October 1, 2001
Content: Landscape photography with emphasis on Fall Foliage.
Proceed to the itinerary: http://www.gustavwverderber.com/fallfoliage.html


The debut of "Sojourns in The Wild" received a standing ovation recently at
Pratt Hall in Montgomery Center, Vermont before a near capacity audience.
"Sojourns in The Wild" is a multi-media presentation which uses multiple
projectors to create a cinematic effect to celebrate the intrinsic value of
nature.  Images of landscapes, wildlife, and marine life from around the
world take audiences on a virtual tour of some of the most magnificent and
pristine natural areas on Earth including Alaska and the Galapagos Islands.

The recorded music of noted celtic harpist and composer William Jackson
accompanies the images and helps create the illusion that the audience, not
the images, is moving through space and time to the places projected onto
the screen.

"Sojourns in The Wild" is ideal for theatres, schools, resorts, galleries,
nature centers, camera clubs, and environmental conferences.  "Sojourns"
also serves as an ideal centerpiece for fund-raising events.

Three special presentations of "Sojourns in The Wild" this summer will
feature live performances by William Jackson at Pentangle in Woodstock,
Vermont on June 28, 2001, at the Flynn Center in Burlington, Vermont on June
29, 2001, and at the Chaffee Art Center in Rutland, Vermont (date to be
determined).  For more information contact the venues or visit Gustav W.
Verderber on line at http://www.GustavWVerderber.com.

With gratitude and respect,
Gustav W. Verderber
Environmental Interpretation
Email: G.Verderber at Sciencenet.com
P.O. Box 153, Lowell, VT  05847  USA
Telephone: (802) 744-2392

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