help with Adobe PageMaker

Leticia Cabrera lcabrera at UTB1.UTB.EDU
Wed Apr 11 02:47:02 CDT 2001

Dear All,
I have a software printing problem that I need help with.  I have used
Adobe PageMaker (on a Mac) to layout a page of black & white photos to
be used in a manuscript.  I do not have a high quality printer for
printing my photos.  I have taken the file to a commerical photoshop
hoping they could print the file.  The photoshop lacks Adobe Pagemaker
and cannot print the file to their MT 1600 Ortizo (?) printer.  Does
anyone know or have suggestions on how to print the file with a quality
sufficient to submit for publication?

Leticia Cabrera
Dept. of Biology
University of Texas at Brownsville
80 Ft. Brown
Brownsville, TX  78520
lcabrera at

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