Dr. Munch's Flora Europaea?

James A Mackiln macklin at ACNATSCI.ORG
Wed Apr 11 16:18:33 CDT 2001


We have an interesting collection of plants (Fungi, Algae, Bryophytes,
Lycopods, Pteridos, Gymnos and Angios) contained in 50 attractive cedar
boxes that are labeled "Flora Europaea - Dr. Munch's Herbarium" The
specimens are mounted on smaller than standard herbarium sheets and have
labels with generally poor information. The labels are printed with the
information, "Dr. C.H. Munch, Bale, Switzerland" and the few dates we
find indicate that the plants were collected between 1850 and 1900. The
locality data typically states only the country of origin and sometimes
a city, which span most of western and eastern Europe. Does anyone have
knowledge of such a herbarium or Dr. Munch. We are interested primarily
in locating more data on the specimens such as from a journal or field
notes. Without further information the value of such a collection for
scientific study is limited.

Thanks in advance for any help. You can reply to the list if the topic
is generally interesting or reply to me in person.


P.S. I was in New Jersey today and saw a tick but alas it was not hairy.

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