Plant called Noni

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Dear friends,
I'd like to thank to all of you who answered me question about plant species
called Noni.
In all cases, you answered me this: Noni is Morinda citrifolia L. of the

Maybe it was not even to hard for you, but it was to important for me!
Thanks a lot!

Best wishes!

Boze Kokan
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> At 02:57 PM 4/9/01 +0200, Prirodoslovni muzej Split <primust at ST.TEL.HR>
> >could somebody tell me a latin name for a plant species called noni that
> >resides in Tahiti?  It is interesting to me because of its healing
> Noni or Indian Mulberry is Morinda citrifolia L. of the Rubiaceae, native
> from SE Asia to Australia and spread throughout the Pacific by the
> Polynesians.  It is a dye plant, produces an insecticide, and reutedly a
> cure for tuberculosis.  (Wagner et al., Manual of the Flowering Plants of
> Hawai'i, Univ. Hawaiui Press, 1990).
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