web database of type and figured trilobites

Roger J. Burkhalter rjb at OU.EDU
Thu Apr 12 12:13:59 CDT 2001

The Invertebrate Paleontology division at the Oklahoma Museum of Natural
History now has a searchable database on-line of our Type (primary and
secondary) and figured (published, no unpubl. thesis specimens) trilobites.
We have started with this taxon due to curatorial expertise (Steve Westrop).
Other taxonomic groups will be added in the near future. In the coming days
and weeks, we will be including digital images of these trilobites. I have
taken about 8% of the images so far (of 829 specimens), and that took 3 days.
Taxonomically, the database is searchable by genus, order, and family, with
wildcards "*" acceptable. Comments are invited. To try it out, go to:


Roger Burkhalter
Curatorial Specialist
Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of natural History
Norman, Oklahoma

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