Acarina, pycnogonids, Permian ticks?

John R. Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Thu Apr 19 15:12:39 CDT 2001

  The appropriate question, then, is not how much inductive or deductive effort
Klompen-Grimaldi exerted to support their proposal on tick
biogeography but whether the hypothesis is testable.  ... So, is it?

According to some biogeographers dispersalist hypotheses are not really
On the contrary one might argue that Croizat did test the hypothesis in
general (i.e.
Darwin's hypothesis that means of dispersal are the key to distribution)
and falsified
it. However, this refutation did not make any difference to those who liked
hypothesis and wanted to stay with it regardless of any test (this is standard
scientific practice and not necessarily 'wrong').

John Grehan

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