Acarina, pycnogonids, Permian ticks?

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Sat Apr 21 06:49:13 CDT 2001

>Aleister Crowley defined magic as the art and science of changing reality
>in accordance with will. Perhaps a misuse of the word "science" (or even
>"art"), but perhaps also a warning that semantics can obscure the efficacy
>of any goal-directed activity.

I think this shows that if demarcation were simply a matter of definition,
the philosophers would have nothing to argue about. It seems that the
problem is that approaches that might not be conventionally regarded as
science may come under 'science' according to specified criteria. This
appears to have a happened with falsifiability criteria. Perhaps rather
than defining science vs non-science, philosophy is more useful in
attempting to characterize what scientists actually do. In this way
philosophy may be removed from its common role of the unpaid mercenary of
particular sciences.

John Grehan

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