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For information on BSE/nvCJD take a look at This site also
has information on the current FMD outbreak as well as a wealth of other
information which could be of interest to Taxacom subscribers.

It would appear that milk from BSE infected cows should only be used for
their own calves and that spinal cord tissue is also high risk.

Lynn Raw

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> On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 03:56:07PM -0500, Marcela Aparicio wrote:
> >Can the milk of a cow with BSE produce CJD or vCJD in humans?
> I'm no expert on either bovine spongiform encephalitis or Creutzfeld-
> Jacobs (?) disease, but as I understand it the risk of transmission
> is associated with handling or eating tissues of the central nervous
> system, particularly the brain.  I don't know if the spinal cord also
> contributes a risk.
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