Wood specimens from New Zealand

H.G. Richter hrichter at HOLZ.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Tue Apr 24 13:29:40 CDT 2001

Dear New Zealand taxacomers,
during a cleaning action I have unearthed a box with wood and bark
specimens in FAA, origin obviously New Zealand. I would like to incorporate
these specimens in our institutional wood collection but lack the means of
interpreting some of the information on the labels. These labels look as

BOTANY DEPT., V.U.C. (or V.U.W.)
Name of the taxon, for instance "Pittosporum colensoi"
Origin, for instance "Taurewa, Central Volcanic Plateau"
Date, for instance "5/7/69"
Coll. R.J.C.

I would like to know what V.U.C and V.U.W. stand for. Further, I would like
to know the full name of the collector whose intitials are R.J.C.. All the
material was apparently collected in 1969 and either sent to (or brought
by) the late Dr. N. Parameswaran, at the time staff member of the Institute
of Woof Biology, Federal Research Centre for Forestry and Forest Products,

Grateful for any hints which might help me along.

HG Richter
Dr. Hans Georg Richter
Institute for Wood Biology and Wood Protection
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For info about properties and products from Black Locust wood
(Robinia pseudoacacia) look under http://www.bfafh.de/bfh/inst4/41/411

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