Wood specimens from New Zealand

David Orlovich David.Orlovich at BOTANY.OTAGO.AC.NZ
Wed Apr 25 09:14:02 CDT 2001

The curator of the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) School of
Biological Sciences Herbarium is Dr Barry Sneddon (email:
Barry.Sneddon at vuw.ac.nz).  He'd probably be a good person to contact.
David Orlovich.

>Dear New Zealand taxacomers,
>during a cleaning action I have unearthed a box with wood and bark
>specimens in FAA, origin obviously New Zealand. I would like to incorporate
>these specimens in our institutional wood collection but lack the means of
>interpreting some of the information on the labels. These labels look as
>BOTANY DEPT., V.U.C. (or V.U.W.)
>Name of the taxon, for instance "Pittosporum colensoi"
>Origin, for instance "Taurewa, Central Volcanic Plateau"
>Date, for instance "5/7/69"
>Coll. R.J.C.
>I would like to know what V.U.C and V.U.W. stand for. Further, I would like
>to know the full name of the collector whose intitials are R.J.C.. All the
>material was apparently collected in 1969 and either sent to (or brought
>by) the late Dr. N. Parameswaran, at the time staff member of the Institute
>of Woof Biology, Federal Research Centre for Forestry and Forest Products,
>Grateful for any hints which might help me along.
>HG Richter
>Dr. Hans Georg Richter
>Institute for Wood Biology and Wood Protection
>Leuschnerstrasse 91
>21031 Hamburg, Germany
>Phone: +49 40 73962-410. Fax: +49 40 42891-2835.
>e-mail: hrichter at holz.uni-hamburg.de
>Web page: http://www.bfafh.de/bfh/inst4/41/
>For info about properties and products from Black Locust wood
>(Robinia pseudoacacia) look under http://www.bfafh.de/bfh/inst4/41/411

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