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Neill, Amanda aneill at NYBG.ORG
Tue Apr 24 18:06:40 CDT 2001

To all those who expressed interest in getting a list of sources for pole
pruners, here is a list of companies that were recommended to me:

Florian (
Ben Meadows Catalog
Gempler's (1-800-382-8473;
A.M. Leonard, Inc., Piqua, Ohio (
Gilmour Group, P.O. Box 838, Somerset, PA  15501 - 0838,  1-800-458-0107

BUT, I can only vouch for Forestry Suppliers (,
since we finally decided to order our poles from them.  The locking
mechanism is different from the old kind, but they are sturdy and remarkably

Thanks for all your responses,
Amanda Neill

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Subject: pruning poles

Dear all,
  I am looking for a source of the good, old-fashioned, aluminum pruning
poles, each 1.75 m long, with male and female nesting poles (sold in
sets of
two), connected by pins/pegs that fit into holes at the junctions.  We
the clipper head, but a source for these poles cannot be found.
  Missouri Botanical Garden used to sell these, but they no longer do!
source, world-wide, would be helpful.
Thank you,
Amanda Neill

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