When (animal) type genus is a subgenus

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My two cents worth:

> In zoological nomenclature, does the fact that the name-bearing type of a nominal family-group taxon (i.e., its "type genus") is classified as a subgenus affect the validity of that family-group name (assuming the family-group name is the earliest-proposed name based on a genus considered to belong to the family, and otherwise meets the criteria of availability)?

I'd say no: there appear to be no nomenclatorial consequences of differences in rank within the genus (and family, and species)-group level (see principle of co-ordination) in this particular case.

> Does it make a difference if the type genus in question is classified as a subgenus of a genus which is the type genus of another, later-proposed, family-group taxon?

Taxonomic (subjective!) synonymy does not affect availability or priority of names. There could be a problem regarding priority between the family-group taxa, but not becuase of the rank or classification of their respective types.

> Barry Roth
> (hoping he has stated the problem clearly)

Hendrik Segers
(hoping he has understood the problem, and the ICZN, correctly)

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