When (animal) type genus is a subgenus

Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Thu Apr 26 15:39:12 CDT 2001

To be fair, there is a "chain of typology" (the type of a family is a genus, the type of a genus is a species, the type of a species is a specimen) which means that even the higher categories are ultimately grounded in what the type specimen happens to be.  Perhaps this is what the writer had in mind.


  "Margaret K. Thayer" <mthayer at FIELDMUSEUM.ORG> wrote:
At 12:00 AM 26-04-2001 -0400, Ron Gatrelle wrote:
> All valid and available names are "always" affixed to an individual
>specimen - the name bearing type. ...

This is true at the level of species-group names, but NOT at higher
levels! The type of a genus-group name is a nominal species, and the type
of a family-group name is a nominal genus. This is stated extremely
clearly in articles 67 and 63, respectively.

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