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Thu Apr 26 22:33:52 CDT 2001

I am currently reviewing and editing someone's MS.  ICZN has come
up in this process. I am interested on how various of you define "adoption"
per this sub section - where the date and authorship go to the originals,
not the adopter.  I know how I determine it, but that may be missing
something. The original name was described as infrasubspecific in 1947 and
"adopted" in 1947 as a subspecies. (This is unrelated to 45.5 and
45.1 -which has to meet Articles 11-18- where the latter applier of the
name takes the date and authorship.) I am not interested in debating one or
both of these sections. I am very interested in as many opinions as
possible - via personal email or taxacom. For now I am listening on this

Ron Gatrelle

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