Christoffer Schander c.schander at ZOOL.GU.SE
Sun Apr 29 21:07:00 CDT 2001

Ken Kinman wrote:

      Entoprocta Nitsche, 1870
      Kamptozoa Cori, 1929
Priority is not an issue for zoological taxa of ordinal, class, or phylum
levels, the ICZN leaving it up to individuals to decide what to use.  I used
Phylum Entoprocta, not because it has priority, but because it is better
known than Kamptozoa (or Calyssozoa).
      I think the main objection to Entoprocta is potential confusion since
it so similar to the name Ectoprocta (also named by Nitsche in 1870).
However, I prefer Nitsche's terminology because the names explicitly tell
you whether the anus arises inside or outside the lophophore (sensu lato).
However, when I speak of them in the vernacular, I call them entoprocts and
               ----Cheers, Ken Kinman

The German-Austrian School (e.g. Haszprunar, Ax) prefer Kamptozoa. I
had the feeling that this perhaps could be an artifact of Linnéan
ranks  just like for example
Solenogastres/Caudofoveata/Neomeniomorpha/Chaetodermomorpha. So, when
I read Ax's Multicellular Animals - A New Approach to the
Phylogenetic Order in Nature Volume II, which is supposedly rankless
I wondered why he used Kamptozoa instead of Entoprocta. He does not
give an explanation. I also tend to use the name Entoprocta.


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