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Steven Dessein steven.dessein at BIO.KULEUVEN.AC.BE
Mon Apr 30 16:04:31 CDT 2001

Dear Taxacomers,

At the Laboratory  of Plant Systematics (K.U.Leuven, Belgium, we are developing MacTaxon, a relational
database management system for storage of plant taxonomic data (including
specimen related data, pollen morphology, wood anatomy,Š).

Today, we released the distribution map module of the program: iMap. The
program is available from our web site and is a FREE download. This first
version is only for Mac, but we plan a Windows version for this summer. We
would be pleased to receive your comments, so we can improve the program.

For more information visit the iMap site:,
or read the iMap press release beneath.

Have fun!

Peter Schols
Steven Dessein
Prof. Dr. Erik Smets

Ps. People interested to join us in the development of MacTaxon (especially
people experienced to deal with large amount of specimen related data or
people with 4D experience) are always welcome. Please contact one of the
authors mentioned on the web site, or reply to this message.

LEUVEN, Belgium - May 2, 2001 - The Laboratory of Plant Systematics
(K.U.Leuven) today announced the availability of iMap. iMap is a powerful
but easy-to-use program designed for mapping large amounts of latitude /
longitude data.

iMap works with different kinds of picture maps (TIFF, JPEG, PICT, GIF or
PNG), ensuring appealing and information-rich maps. The program is supplied
with a plethora of ready-to-use maps. Additional maps can be downloaded from
the Internet, exported from GIS software or they can be scanned. The
calibration of the maps can be done from within iMap.
iMap can plot symbols or characters from any font installed on your system,
enabling to map an unlimited number of different taxa. Additionally, it
offers the possibility to create a QuickTime movie from a sequence of maps
in order to trace the vegetation history of a certain area.

Distribution maps can be printed at high resolution or they can be exported
for incorporation in presentations, web pages, posters, reports, movies or
publications. Distribution maps can be exported as BMP, PICT, Photoshop,
JPEG, PNG, SGI, TGA, TIFF and QuickTime image files.

iMap requires Mac OS 8 or higher and at least 64 MB of RAM. We will ship a
native Mac OS X version within a few weeks. A Windows version of iMap is
planned for this summer.
iMap is downloadable for free from the iMap website.

For more information, visit the iMap website:

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