loans of museum specimens to Brazil

Neal Evenhuis neale at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Mon Apr 30 08:12:04 CDT 2001

At 7:18 AM -0400 4/30/01, Greg Schneider wrote:
>I realize that Brazilian institutions have been receiving loans of museum
>specimens from institutions of various countries.  After following the
>discussions on new Brazilian laws about potential genetic resources leaving
>Brazil, we were reluctant to make any new loans to Brazilian institutions
>(particularly of type material) for fear they would not be able to be
>returned.  I am curious to know: Has anyone (outside of Brazil) received
>loan returns of museum specimens from Brazil in the last several months?

I am in the process of receiving a return of some loaned specimens.
Apparently one now has to go to the Ministry of Agriculture to get
permission to send biological material out of the country. I'll keep
you posted if it goes through. Should know in a couple of days.


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