Registration of botanical names

Gurcharan Singh singhg at SATYAM.NET.IN
Sun Dec 2 11:31:45 CST 2001

Dear members
The following appeared in the Tokyo Code. What happend to the registration clause in the St. Louis Code?. I am not able to locate any thing in the electronic version of the St. Louis Code. 
"Subject to ratification by the XVI International Botanical Congress (St Louis, 1999) of a rule already included in the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Art. 32.1-2 of the Tokyo Code), new names of plants and fungi will have to be registered in order to be validly published after the 1st of January 2000. After 1 January 2000, when one or more of the other conditions for valid publication have not been met prior to registration, the name must be resubmitted for registration after these conditions have been met. A trial registration has already begun, on a non-mandatory basis, for a two-year period starting 1 January 1998. The co-ordinating centre will be the secretariat of IAPT, currently at the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Germany. The International Mycological Institute in Egham, U. K., has already agreed to act as associate registration centre for the whole of fungi, including fossil fungi."

Gurcharan Singh

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