Announcement - International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants

Piers Trehane Dvader at INDHORT.DEMON.CO.UK
Tue Dec 4 02:51:34 CST 2001


The current (1995) edition of the International Code of Nomenclature for
Cultivated Plants (Cultivated plant Code or ICNCP) is in the process of
being revised and the next edition is planned for late 2003.

The Code is maintained by the IUBS Commission on the Nomenclature of
Cultivated Plants. For information on this Commission, see:

The Commission will be pleased to receive submissions for consideration
from any party with an interest in the naming of cultivars and allied
taxonomic categories and groups.

A number of submissions have already been received, and these have been
summarized in past editions of HORTAX NEWS which may be consulted at the
following URL:

This is to give notice that any further submissions must be received by
the Rapporteur by (Easter) 1st April 2002 at the latest so that the
documentation may be assembled in time for the Commission meetings in
August 2002.

There will be an open forum for discussion on the Code as part of
Symposium 22 - 4th Symposium on the Taxonomy of Cultivated Plants during
the XXVI Horticultural Congress, Toronto, August 11-17, 2002. For
further information on the Congress, consult:

Submissions may be made by post, fax or e-mail to the address below.

Further information on the current Code, including details of its
availability, may be found on:

Piers Trehane
Rapporteur, ICNCP
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