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Wed Dec 5 13:01:54 CST 2001

Derek Sikes wrote

When a junior synonym is moved from one senior synonym to another senior
synonym, but remains a junior synonym, is that action considered a 'New
synonymy"? (I think it is)
- it seems to be a New synonym from the perspective of the senior synonym,
i.e. The senior is getting a new synonym added to it, but it is not a new
synonym for the group in general, i.e. the group has the same number of
junior synonyms as it had before.

    Ron:  Yes, the synonymy is strictly in relation to the
    particular name it is being associated with.
     -- New association, new synonymy.

It is not 'New status' because the status of the junior synonym has not
changed- it is still a junior synonym.  Thoughts?

    Ron:  This is a good question.  If I divorce and remarry
    would not my "status" still be "married" (vs. single).
    But, if I move from South  Carolina to California
    would not my "status" be changed from SC resident
    to Cal. resident?  So it would seem to be totally up
    to the view of the one compiling the synonymic list
    in how they _apply_ the term New Status. Associating
    a _name_ with a different species or subspecies will
    leave _that name_ the same, but the name is now
    recognized as belonging to (associated with) a whole
    new _organism_.   Thus, while the name remains the
    same its organic (and thus taxonomic) status is indeed

Ron Gatrelle
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