Flora of Nevada

Tom wieboldt at VT.EDU
Thu Dec 6 14:08:45 CST 2001

The Massey Herbarium at Virginia Tech has duplicate copies of the following issues of Flora of Nevada printed by the USDA between 1940 and 1941. Most are stapled mimeo with paper covers, but No. 1 (Gramineae) has a hardboard cover with cloth over the spine. They are free for the asking on a first come/first serve basis, although preference may be given to anyone who may want the whole lot. Here's what we have: 

No. 1  Gramineae
No. 2  Fagaceae
No. 5  Santalaceae
No. 7  Hypericaceae
No. 8  Chenopodiaceae
No. 9  Fouquieriaceae
No.10 Vitaceae
No.11 Hydrocharitaceae
No.12 Typhaceae
No.13 Sparganaceae
No.15 Naiadaceae
No.16 Juncaceae
No.17 Cyperaceae (Carex)
No.18 Polygalaceae
No.19 Lentibulariaceae
No.20 Menthaceae
No.21 Saururaceae
No.23 Loganiaceae
No.24 Aizoaceae
No.25 Haloragaceae
No.26 Elaeagnaceae
No.27 Loasaceae
No.29 Index to Geographical Names
No.30 Violaceae
No.31 Papaveraceae
No.32 Onagraceae
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Massey Herbarium
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