Mail irradiation causes fire

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> Officials declined to specify what materials might have overheated to
cause the fires, saying they did not want to give information to potential

They just did.  Thus, in case no terrorist or just plain nut had thought of
this before they have now been informed of the "potential".   From this
point forward it is simply a matter of ingenious, but diabolical, minds
practicing their heinous art.

Our freedoms of speech, press, and information are not limitless.  If it is
against the law to _yell_ "fire" in a theater.  It should also be against
the law to _tell_ someone how and where to start a fire in a theatre - even
if but by a press release.

As America becomes more a part of the World Community, it will experience
more of the way things are in the rest of the world - its darker side.
Perhaps in 20  years Americans will not be so judgmental of the "secrecy"
and "press limitations" that exist in much of the world.  Perhaps they will
find out that is not a matter of denying freedom but one of common sense to
not tell everything, all the time, to everyone.   Americans are insatiable
gossips and snoops - just look at the TV programs that center on this.

Ron Gatrelle

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