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John R. Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Mon Dec 10 15:22:44 CST 2001

I've taken the plunge and started a panbiogeography web page. At present it
is only in the initial stages of development. As I am not a computer wizard
development of the page will be a slow and gradual process. I anticipate
posting lots of biogeographic maps of different taxa for one's
contemplation. Most will be simply track and baselines given for particular
distributions with a focus on examples of Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian
baselines. Other examples will have various levels of greater detail as
time, ability, and resources permits. Some will include phylogenetic
information. I'm about half way through a page on the Blennospermatinae
(angiosperms) which includes phylogenetic and track information as well as
spatial correlations with tectonics. Also illustrated for combined
phylogeny and track representation is the Melanatriidae (Gastropoda) and I
expect to have the same for the carabid genus Tachyta later today or tomorrow.

I will have the entire content of the special panbiogeography and Principia
Botanica issue published in Tuatara reproduced. Most articles are already
up, including Heads' paper on Croizat's botanical work - which seems to
have suffered even greater suppression amongst botanists than his
biogeography did among traditional biogeographers (at least this was the
situation at the time of original publication. If anything has changed on
that score I would be interested to know).

The web page address is:

I will continue to post announcements of additional material at periodic

Any comments/improvements will be welcome.

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