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Hundred years ago, Knut Bohlin presented his thesis ' groena algernas
och arkegoniaternas fylogeni', at a time when algology was strongly
represented in the universities and the academies around the world. In
Upsala, it was the radical Kjellman. In the antipode (Lund), the Latinist
and anti-evolutionist J. Agardh.
        Bohlin's work, just a year after Blackman's (Ann. Bot. XIV. 1900)
treatment of algal evolution, was promptly commented by Blackman & Tansley
(New Phyt. I. 1902). Here is another high light.

Page 11: 'Klebs sharply criticizes any attempt to put up phylogenetic trees
as an expression of our knowledge of the relationships between organisms.
Yet, the net-like scheme he instead provides, can never be an expression
other than of similarities between different groups. If some of these
similarities are based on common descent, other must be analogies. It
depends on a critical judgement of these [similarities], if a phylogenetic
system can be accomplished. And this should be possible with further
research... '

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