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Robert A. (Bob) Morris ram at CS.UMB.EDU
Wed Dec 19 16:29:54 CST 2001

Unless there was some unusual arrangement, you undoubtedly ceded the
copyright to the journal publisher, and they gave permission to
reproduce---or transferred the copyright to---the electronic
publisher, and you can not legally reproduce it without their
permission other than for your own use.

If the version you got from the electronic publisher has no copyright
notice on it, then it still belongs to whoever it belongs to (which is
not likely you) and you can't reproduce it without the permission of
the copyright owner. Since there is a fee for the electronic version,
I would bet something an amount least that fee that you are no longer
the copyright owner; otherwise the electronic publisher would have had
to ask you for permission to reproduce it.

It may be that at the foot of the front page of the pdf version there
is mention of the current copyright holder and/or the reproduction
permissions and fees. This is normally the case for commercial
publications, and you will see it on the first page of each article in
most paper journals. In fact, you will usually also see an article
serial number and a fee that is to be paid to the Copyright Clearance
Center if you make a copy of the article that is not deemed fair use
(e.g. to circulate to lots of other people).

Bob Morris

John R. Grehan writes:
 > Date:         Wed, 19 Dec 2001 15:47:32 -0500
 > From: "John R. Grehan" <jrg13 at psu.edu>
 > To: TAXACOM at usobi.org
 > Subject:      Electronic library
 > A couple of people told me that they could only acess the Galapagos pdf for
 > a fee. It seems that I have access through my institution. Is anyone on the
 > list familiar enough with this situation to tell me whether I may circulate
 > the copy I have downloaded. Being new to web pdfs, and in the the absence
 > of anything to the contrary, and having had automatic access, these aspects
 > never occurred to me. Enlightenment would be most welcome. My apologies for
 > any inconvenience incurred through my ignorance.
 > John Grehan
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