Fair Use for Electronic documents

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Under US Copyright law, "fair use" meant using ONE copy for one's personal
RESEARCH, etc., or a teacher using multiple copies for ONE class at ONE time
(if used for subsequent classes, then permission is required). This still
applies to works printed on paper. However ...

It should be noted that the "fair use" provisions do not apply to digital /
electronic works. And pdf documents are digital works. Congress recently
eliminated those when they revised the copyright law for the newer media to
solve the compliants of the Music and e-book publishers (the NAPSTER
problem, etc.).

So, you do need to pay CCC for pdf documents, etc.

>>> "Riaan H. Stals" <VREHRS at PLANT5.AGRIC.ZA> 12/19 4:38 PM >>>
On 19 Dec 2001 at 16:29, Robert A. (Bob) Morris wrote:

> In fact, you will usually also see an article
> serial number and a fee that is to be paid to the Copyright Clearance
> Center if you make a copy of the article that is not deemed fair use
> (e.g. to circulate to lots of other people).

Thank you for pointing this out. Here is darkest Africa I have frequently
worried about
me not paying the (for our currency) exorbitant fee to CCC when making
copies for
personal or work use. Can you perhaps elaborate on what the CCC considers
use", as I have not before noticed such a "clause" on the CCC page in




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