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Fri Dec 21 09:48:36 CST 2001

         Following our recent move to a remodeled building with improved
collection facilities, the Invertebrate Zoology Collection at CU Museum of
Natural History, Boulder, is now accepting loan requests and returns. We
encourage scientists to borrow research specimens from our vast holdings,
with heavy emphasis on Mollusca. We are also open to visiting researchers
who would like to take advantage of the collection's resources. We are
currently databasing the Invertebrate Zoology Collection and plan to post
the database on the internet in the near future. Below is our new address
and a brief summary of our collection along with contact information.

Invertebrate Zoology Collection
CU Museum of Natural History
UCB 265
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0265

         The 45,000+ lots of Mollusca ( 710,000+ specimens, including 287
primary types ) make up the majority of taxa in the Invertebrate Zoology
Collection ( IZC ) at CU Museum. Within North America, the IZC's Mollusca
collection ranks within the top 15 largest museum  and top 5
university-based mollusc collections. The mollusc collection is worldwide
in scope, about half marine species, a quarter freshwater species and the
remainder terrestrial forms. Other invertebrates (excluding insects &
spiders) in the collection include marine, freshwater, and terrestrial
organisms. Over 2,300 lots ( 20,000+ specimens ) of non-insect
invertebrates outside of Mollusca have been catalogued, representing a wide
variety of taxa, with strong points including leeches and crayfishes.
Overall, the IZC represents the largest collection of non-insect
invertebrates in Colorado.
         Dating back to the early 1900's, the Invertebrate Zoology
collection arose through the collecting efforts of one of the museum's
founders, Junius Henderson. Shi-Kuei Wu, Curator Emeritus, has continued
developing the Mollusca collection over the last 25+ years, focusing his
research on gastropods of the Great Plains region. Robert Guralnick became
the current Curator in the fall of 2000 and Gene Hall took over Collection
Manager duties in the summer of 2001.
         Please contact Robert Guralnick (Curator of Invertebrates) or Gene
Hall (Collection Manager) for information about using the collections.
Refer to Section News on the Zoology Section webpage to learn more about
our staff and recent move.


Gene Hall
Invertebrate Zoology
CU Museum of Natural History
UCB 265
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0265
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