How many entomologists?

Stuart Fullerton stuartf at PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU
Tue Jan 2 08:26:13 CST 2001

some of us (but i may be alone in this)

look at it somewhat sideways.

if you get paid, you are a professional

if you do not get paid you are an amateaur

thusly while without a "bug degree" on ocassion i have been a

many folks with "bug degrees" do not have bug jobs and thusly are

then there are those who have "bug degrees" and have jobs and can not tell
their left foot from their right. they too are "professionals"

and lastly there is that really neat group of bug folks with or without
degrees that know their left foot from their right foot, and also know
there bugs.  they are the true "professionals"

in my opinion - those that have to worry about this probably are not!

hmmm that should get me several hours of flames


> Do I have right to call myself to be an entomologist? An amateur
> entomologist even? Some of the amateurs were the best experts for some
> groups of
> insects.

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